MAFSHOP features graffiti and fashion inspired art alongside urban streetwear, which is a reflection of MAF brand of ideals, personality and humour. Armed with a rebel mentality and the struggle of constantly facing judgement, we set out on a journey to create beautiful street art, and inspire those who follow by having that art be a part of their home and wardrobe. 

We absolutely hate mediocrity and boredom, and believe that the only way to survive is to do what you are passionate about and have that passion be a continuation of yourself, your destiny. We believe true happiness comes from the journey to realize one's dreams even if the end result is completely different from what it was at the start. Sharing this passion with the world further inspires, fuels creativity, and makes our life worth living.

Don't let the society break you, be exceptional, have a purpose, and do what you love.

Follow us on our journey, get inspired.